Benvenuti nel sito di Pro Loco citta' di Fiuggi, con la sua acqua famosa e curativa, la natura da vivere sempre, l'aria fresca e salubre...

      travel in Ciociaria  


Welcome in Fiuggi and in Ciociaria

This section if the website is dedicated to all our friends travelling and visiting our region and in particular Ciociaria that is a part of the Latium region. The main city of Ciociaria is Frosinone and you can find other cities such as Cassino, Sora and many other small towns where you can have rural and full wellness welcome. Let us say, food is one of our best attractions but you can find all sort of interesting tourist sites here in Ciociaria. MonteCassino Abbey, but also Veroli, Casamari and Trisulti Abbeys, all sorts of interests on the country way of Latium.

Believe it: Ciociaria is a relaxing italian countryside place to visit

The video following is in english and is a simple production to introduce main Ciociarian tourist sites to travellers and visitors.

Welcome to Ciociaria and enjoy.





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